BJJ Tournaments: The Top Jiu Jitsu Competitions

Are you planning to compete in the BJJ tournaments? Well, you need to have the love for competition. Since, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments are physically and mentally demanding. They aren’t like other competitions. You have to push yourself harder and harder. You have to test your limits and skills on the highest scales. In these tournaments, a person steps on the mat against someone he doesn’t know. And, this is the nerve-racking experience. It is like you encounter danger in real time. You don’t know what’s waiting for you and how to tackle it.

BJJ Tournaments

The BJJ tournaments train in more ways than you can imagine. Competitors can spend all day sitting around waiting for their turn. Not knowing when your division will be called leaves them unsure. They don’t perceive when to warm up and when to eat. It becomes a stressful situation for them. But, this stress helps them to learn how to deal with the ‘fight or flight’ reaction. It teaches them how control their adrenaline and other emotions when it is their turn against a mysterious fighter. And, that fighter can be tougher than their skills.

Some tournaments are a tad more flexible in this regard. They offer contenders more structure, with times and schedules, assigned a few days before the actual tournament.

If we say BJJ tournament’s competition is a true test, it would be 100% correct. It facilitates a student in learning a million things which can save his life in real confrontation. Under the stress of competition, the true nature of your skills and strategies come out. For example, when hundreds of eyes are fixed on you, your mind goes blank. Your fine motor skills disappear too. You don’t know how to formulate the plan and execute it immediately. It is that time when you have to understand it is just you, your opponent and your mind.

You have to decide what you’re going to do in the next moment.

When you constantly expose yourself in front of big tournaments, you learn how to get over these paralyzing situations. Besides, learning how to deal with these situations is way more important than learning the right techniques. Now, before you enter a Jiu Jitsu tournament, there are a few important rules, assigned by the BJJ association, you need to remember.

  • There is a time limit in each tournament: 2 minutes for kids, and 4 minutes for 10 to 15 years old. Apart from this, different belts and seniors have different timings as well.
  • No draws in any fight. There are submissions, points, advantages, and disqualifications.
  • Points are awarded when athlete achieves a strategic superior position over the opponent. The more dominant the position you’ve, the more points are awarded to you.
  • In case there is a tie situation in points, the referee will decide the actual winner. He considers the effort to finish the match, aggressiveness, and positioning control.
  • There are a few things that are considered unacceptable and will lead to immediate disqualification. For example, use of foul language, bad hygiene, biting, and et cetera.

There are many BJJ tournaments worldwide. They help you to sharpen game and win medals. But, in terms of prestige, these below tournaments stick out high above all others. They’re historically very popular and all belt ranks are welcome to compete in them.

Hoosier Open Tournament

This is one of the best BJJ tournaments in the United States. It is very professional and prompt. There are lots of teams with immensely professional contenders. This is one of those tournaments which BJJ renowned players never miss. Indianapolis Jiu-Jitsu host Hoosier Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament each June in the greater Indianapolis, Indiana area. Since 2004, they’ve been putting on this special event. They’re in partnership with Master Carlos ‘Caique’ Elias. The Hoosier Open Tournament runs double elimination brackets and guarantees 2-matches for each contender. However, bear in mind that each competitor will be allowed to register in one division only. Other than that, it is pertinent for all competitors to must weigh in with GI only. So, submit an online registration form, pay the entry fee. This tournament will be one of the best experiences of your life. We promise!

Michigan Open Tournament

The Michigan Open takes place in mid October. However, for pre-registration, you’ve to contact them almost a week before actual action. It is a professional forum too, where every team performs unbelievably well. Just like the Hoosier Open, the Michigan Open also lures team from all around the United States. It has so many black belts and tough competitors that compete in the international circuit. And, this aspect makes this tournament more interesting than others. Their contenders perceive how to seek the title and use all their skills to acquire it. It’s like you’re in a world championship, where everyone is fully prepared. Therefore, if you want to have the world-class experience, don’t forget to attend Michigan Open Tournament. Their teams are based upon the information provided on the registration forms. So, correctly fill the form and put your team/school name on it.

Caique Jiu Jitsu In House

It is also one of the greatest combat Jiu Jitsu events for children, adults, and families. According to its authorities, in this event, you never loose. You either win or learn. It will be valuable to you for a lifetime. Like most other tournaments, your weight decides in what class you’d compete in. Furthermore, I’ve personally experienced this tournament. It is a great place to meet people who love doing what you do. You make friends, get invitation from other training facilities, and learn different strategies. It boosts confidence on a new level. The Caique Jiu Jitsu Academy hosts this event at 24831 Narbonne Ave Lomita, CA 90717 US. In addition, the top contenders of this tournament receive awards from the Caique Academy. Though, this tournament is not being promoted as one of the most famous tournament, but it’s now gleaning attention from the international competitors.

Concluding Thoughts

Almost all these Jiu Jitsu tournaments have the ranking system for individuals and schools. Once you start becoming a part of them, your skills grow on a whole new level. You gain an experience that you just can’t mimic in practice. If you are worried regarding competing on a big stage, think of these tournaments as the extension of your training. Use psychological tricks. Think about it as casual class training. This will relax your nerves and make you realize that it isn’t as tough as you think. You will indeed start relishing the competition in these tournaments & learn a lot more things from other professional, top-level contenders.

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