Boxing Lessons: Schools That Will Take Your Skills To A New Level

Do you know, in boxing, you can’t take anything for granted? The smallest error, or lack of training, can alter your career. If you want to succeed, you have to learn from the masters; masters who perceive how to use power with wisdom. Most novice boxers think that in this sport it is all about how hard you train. It is true in a way, of course. But, boxing is more like a chess game. There are calculations, situations, and strategies that play a vital role to attack or counterattack any opponent and win the game. If you are new in boxing, your first job is to find a school with best boxing lessons. It should be packed with professional masters, who can take your fighting skills to a new level, so that you can compete in the ring, in front spectators.

Before you opt for a boxing school, remember that it is not just a sport. It is indeed a dangerous sport. According to some recent statistics, 90% of boxers experience at least one brain injury during their career. Furthermore, 15-40 percent boxers have been found to have symptoms of chronic brain injury. These figures are enough to realize that, without a good boxing school, it is rather impossible to become a good boxer. In fact, you’ll put your life in jeopardy, if you would train under nonprofessional trainers. You can sustain some serious injuries without skills that can end your career within seconds. Can you afford that?

As a general guideline, boxing school should have professional masters. And, it’s best if they have participated in the big events and won as well. But, there are a million other factors that matter too. The atmosphere should be encouraging and friendly. If families are also participating in that boxing school, it means it has a quite great reputation. Next, talk to the trainers and be honest and upfront with them. Tell them about your goals and ask regarding the time duration you need to acquire professional success in boxing. Lastly, consider the price too. If some boxing school is expensive, but doesn’t have quality equipments it is better to avoid it. Plus, don’t forget to check the number of trainers too who help athletes.

There are three different types of schools, which offer the best boxing lessons.

  • Youth Centers: The youth centers offer after-school programs. They’re best for kids, teenagers, and even for families. You’ll find many professionals and young amateur boxers here. Lots of families opt for ‘Youth Centers’ as it’s a great place for workout, atmosphere is really friendly, and they receive personal attention too from the trainers.
  • Professional Boxing Gyms: It’s a place for crazy, serious fighters. If you want to build career and wish to participate in the roughest and wildest fights, professional boxing gyms are for you. Each contender is there to hand you the toughest fights of your life. Though, bear in mind that the professional gyms are the most expensive. Since, you’ll get top-notch battle-tested 110% authentic instructions, each session.
  • MMA Gyms: MMA gyms are actually ‘Mixed Martial Arts Gyms’. They aren’t specifically for boxing. In a way, their trainers are specialized in everything – jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, boxing, karate, and etc. So, if you’d participate in MMA programs, you’ll be specialized in everything. You’ll learn the basic aspects of boxing which are helpful in MMA combats.

All in all, it is pertinent to perceive this difference among boxing schools. Though, there are lots of professional boxing schools in the United States, but we’ve top three schools for you.

Gleason’s Gym

Gleason’s Gym offers the best boxing lessons and programs. It was founded in 1937 in Bronx. Boxers from all walks of life, who set their eyes on Olympic glory, attempt to get training from this gym. If you also have the goals in your eyes, have courage, and a spirit to come forward in life, get your gloves, and join Gleason’s Gym immediately. I assure you, it will transcend your expectations. Legends like Rocky Marciano, Roberto Duran, and Muhammad Ali have all been trained in this gym. It is a popular hall for all champions. The authorities of Gleason’s also offer different kinds of membership plans and special offers.

Wild Card Boxing Club

People call it the Hollywood of boxing! It is located in Hollywood CA and was established in 1995. Freddie Roach, who is one of the most noteworthy trainers in boxing today, is the owner of this club. In case you don’t know about him, he isn’t just a trainer. He has indeed participated in several international boxing events and has won medals. Even professional boxers like Manny Pacquiao are associated with Wild Card Boxing Club. The best thing is if you want to get one-on-one training, excellent independent trainers are available 24/7.

Aerospace HPC

It’s a sports-emulation, high performance fitness center. Supermodels train in this club too for fitness and fighting-skills. If you are a woman, this is perhaps the best boxing club for you in the United States. With most savage and serene workout experience, you will have an impressive physique in days, and you’ll transform into a fierce goddess too. The owners of Aerospace call it a ‘smart’ fitness club; they don’t only work on the physical demands. They work on your mental demands as well. Their training compels you to think fast. With boxing, you’ll have the benefits of body toning, muscle strength, and sharp concentration.

Concluding Thoughts

So, these are the best boxing schools with the best and charismatic trainers. Within a few days of training, they can take your fighting skills to an utterly new level. You’ll be a new ‘You’. However, it is better to know your purpose first before opting for these world-renowned gyms. Is it about fitness, building career, or learning the sport? Once you’ve a clear purpose in mind, you can opt for the best one. For example, if fitness is the need, go for Aerospace HPC, but if it’s about building professional career, Gleason’s Gym is the best.

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