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Gracie Barra Classes: The Most Prestigious Schools Of 2017

Gracie Barra is an internationally acknowledged association. It teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in over 800 schools worldwide. It is founded by the famous Carlos Gracie Jr. in the early 1980s. This association not only trains students. It also has the most successful teams in BJJ history. It has an endless list of champions and top contenders that are recognized globally. Despite the exceptional results in the tournaments, the founder Carlos Gracie Junior and his team worked immensely hard to create a positive learning environment in their schools too. It was their aim to teach the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to as many people as they can. Every school of Gracie Barra follows the vision of bringing the benefits of martial arts and self-defense to everyone.

gracie barra

Carlos Gracie Jr. was always very driven to the globalization of its association. For that reason, he started setting up his franchises from early on. His aim and hard work facilitated him in gleaning the attention from all around the world. He kept on moving in his mission of Jiu Jitsu for everyone. It was his aim to have the mark of Gracie Barra on every corner of the world. And, he’s quite successful in it. Carlos comprehended that his franchises can serve an integral role in his team’s expansion and growth. For that reason, he worked on his programs in immense details to exceed the expectations.

The expansion of his association was taken to another level in 2005. He moved Gracie Barra headquarters away from Rio de Janeiro to Lake Forest, United States. Now, it has become a special social site. It brings all of the Gracie Barra jiu jitsu instructors & program directors at one place. People connect with them, gain knowledge, share experiences, & create an account to join different classes.

In case it is your first time, and in case you don’t know about Jiu-Jitsu training either, allow us to explain the several exceptional benefits of joining Gracie Barra classes in detail.

  • Unlike other schools, Gracie Barra builds mental toughness. It teaches you how to fight through discomfort and pain, especially when you are backed against the wall.
  • The Jiu-Jitsu training is a lot more rigorous than many other martial arts. Its classes include cardiovascular training, stretching, breathing work, and a resistance workout.
  • You physically see your body changing with every day. The trainings teach you how to use your body in one unit that improves your overall health, strength, and mobility.
  • Especially in Gracie Barra classes, students throw, sweep and trip each other several times each day. It teaches them how to fall down in a fight without getting hurt.
  • Want to face your fear? The professional instructors train you for that, because pain is the part of the game. Once you banish fear, you see world with different perspective.

If you are ready to start a new journey Gracie Barra, and if you are particularly in the America, you are in luck. Since, this association has several schools in the United States. Almost all schools offer Fundamental Training Programs, Advanced Programs, and Future Champion Programs. They’ve professional instructors and athletes that train the students and turn Gracie Barra into their second home. Besides, Gracie Barra promotes a family environment too, which is not only suitable for individuals, but for family trainings as well.

So, are you ready to test your limits and become the best you can be in all walks of life? Let’s begin… Here are the most prestigious schools of Gracie Barra in the United States.

Gracie Barra North Carolina

The North Carolina franchises, in Spring Lake and Charlotte, have a professional team and a warm, friendly environment. Their teams have developed the programs that meet the specific needs of individuals of every age, gender, fitness, and skill level. One can enroll in Future Champions Program, Fundamentals Program, Advanced Program, Black Belt Program, and Private Training Program. All these programs offer the best-level techniques.

There is a women program too that is designed to allow the weaker to defeat the stronger. It is perfect for all women and children too. It teaches rape prevention strategies and BJJ conditioning. This special opportunity can be found in several other U.S. franchises too.

The overall class structure of North Carolina franchises is the trademark of all Gracie Barra Premium Schools. In order to educate discipline, classes start on time and adhere to a standardized curriculum and class structure. Even before joining the class, a student perceives up front what is expected of him. He has very clear understanding of what to expect from his instructors and training partners. Furthermore, there is confidence and character training. It develops disciplines and help you to gain confident in your ability.

Gracie Barra Florida

In Florida, this famous association has several franchises. You can find them comfortably in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Clermont, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, and West Palm Beach.

In all these franchises, they offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self-Defense, and MMA training. Their special programs are designed for children, adults, and seniors. In case you are a tad unsure regarding your age or skill status, you can have a free trial class before opting for their programs. Furthermore, unlike other institutes, when you become member of their school, you can train in any of their different locations. There is not any restriction on it.

Apart from this, they have classes in different hours for your best convenience. You don’t have to disturb your professional routine for it. The best and qualified instructors are available 24/7. They teach you the complete martial arts. Within a couple of days, you understand why they are better than other instructors. Once you apply in their schools, you begin to understand your body on and off the mats, in ways you may have never imagined.

Gracie Barra Colorado

The GB Colorado community will change your life forever. We promise! You don’t only join classes. You in fact become an integral part of a special community unified by the ideals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle. Like other franchises in the United States, you learn how to fight. The professional trainers compel you to work hard. They reveal how to master underlying principles of Jiu-Jitsu training. This allows you to succeed in the face of all kinds of danger.

In the Colorado Springs franchise, there is a special program too which is not available in most other franchises. It is known as “Muay Thai Program”, which is run by two special instructors, Bryan Waltz and Vanessa Wexler. In this program, these two instructors give you full-body workout that you won’t find anywhere else. They psychologically and physically train you to develop the discipline, reaction time, and strength you need to succeed. The Muay Thai class also helps in relieving stress, tensions and anxiety through physical activity.

The instructors also train you with a unique, aggressive style boxing. They aren’t just the ordinary instructors. They have trained lots of amateur and MMA professional fighters.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, after extensive research on programs, instructors, and reviews, I would say these three Gracie Barra schools are the most prestigious schools of 2017. Other Gracie Barra franchises also have programs that meet your specific needs. But, these three transcend your expectations on a whole new level. Their instructors have trained those professional MMA fighters too, whom you see on TV and follow them on social media account as well.

In case you aren’t anywhere near these U.S. franchises, don’t worry. Just opt for any Gracie Barra school. I assure you, no matter what your goals are you will have a life-changing experience. Almost all the franchises have programs for all ages. They prepare you and your child for bullying, intimidations, and violence which we all face these days on a daily basis.

So, are you ready to live the martial arts way and become the part of Gracie Barra family?

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