Kickboxing Schools: The Most Renowned Kick Boxing Training Gyms

Kickboxing, also known as aeroboxing, is a stand up combat sport which is based on kicking and punching. If we say, this sport combines the punches of professional boxing and kicks of karate, it would be utterly correct. Some sports enthusiasts practice it as aerobic workout, while others practice it for self defense. If you want to lose weight and have a great physique, kickboxing can facilitate you in that as well; it shapes your entire body. In addition, once you learn it, and perceive its benefits, you keep coming back for more. It lures you on a grand scale. You wish to participate in one-to-one competition to earn medals in international rings.

  • If you are planning to raise your wrists for the first time in the sport, it is better to comprehend its benefits first. It is pertinent to know why it is so popular all around the world, and why people are opting for this combat sport more than other combat sports.
  • As we have mentioned before, it tones your body. It doesn’t matter whether you want to tone your arms, legs, or core. Its workouts work on your each muscle and give you amazing results in just five weeks of training. You feel like a new, slim “You”.
  • This combat sport is for those who wish to be more confident in life. When you know you have a skill in your hands that can save you in life-threatening situations, you feel like a person with extraordinary power. It is the best way to raise self-esteem of kids too.
  • Do you know, according to the Muscle and Fitness Magazine, an hour session of aeroboxing can burn more than 800 calories? Yes! It is true. If you are a person who is struggling with obesity, forget everything and join a professional kick boxing school.
  • If you deal with stress, depression, or anger on a consistent basis, there is nothing like punching out these emotions. The constant movement of your body in kick boxing schools relieves stress, diminishes feelings of anxiety, and banishes depression too.

People who suffer from poor hand and eye coordination can receive great benefits from kickboxing training. While working on your cores and strengthening your reflexes, you drastically improve the sense of stability. You focus with precision in each movement.

All in all, the benefits of kick boxing are limitless. You improve not only on physical level, but also on emotional and psychological level. Below are some of the top kickboxing schools in the USA. The professional trainers in these schools teach a wide range of techniques to defeat opponent, or many opponents. Plus, the workout program in these schools banish fat and hand you a desirable body. Even supermodels & superstars count on kick boxing schools as they know it can benefit them on a massive level. They can tone their body and learn those special skills too which are essential for defense. Other than that, if you want to compete in the international aeroboxing competitions, the trainers of these below schools teach you all about the rules & regulations and prepare you with intense fighting in rings.


American Kickboxing Academy

It is one of the most premier places for kickboxing lovers in the United States. It is situated in the San Jose/Bay area and also rated in the top 5 kickboxing academies in the world. I love this one as many of my friends have been trained in it and flood it with compliments. This Academy isn’t just for aeroboxing. You can get MMA trainings, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sparring, Muay Thai, and et cetera. The authorities of this school offer several membership programs for the youth too. For example, there is a membership for 4-6 years old. It includes unlimited classes that run between Mondays and Thursdays.

USA Karate Fitness

The USA Karate Fitness school is for the whole family. If you want to train with your wife or kids, there is no better option than this one. It is one of the most respected community in the New Jersey that is gleaning attention from all around the world. The professional instructors offer different martial art and aeroboxing programs for the whole family. I love this kickboxing school more because its programs go into more depth. There are programs for kids and teens. But, they have introduced anti-bullying program too which is popular these days. It is running with huge success & empowering them to bully-proof themselves.

USA Karate Hollywood

This amazing school is in Johnson Street Hollywood, Florida. According to them, they don’t just teach self-defense; they teach self development too. When we check their reviews, it seems right. Since, the students of USA Karate think that having a black belt from this school is like having a degree from Harvard. In this kickboxing club, the kickboxing classes prices are quite economical compared to others. There are many programs for kids too, such as: anti-bullying classes. Furthermore, The programs of this school have been divided according to the ages. There are classes for 3-6 years old, 7-12 years old, and 13-17 years old. Apart from this, you can have special private training too in case you want immense attention and more individualized program for yourself.

Concluding Thoughts

The one thing I want stress as the most important aspect of kickboxing games is “Technique”. And, all these above schools are the best in them. If you are a beginner, it will perhaps become heavy on your nerves. Because, the techniques of this sport are a tad more aggressive than other sports. In a way, they transform your body into a complete weapon that can destroy the opponent in a few seconds. Most people think it is a new kind of mixed martial arts. In reality, the roots of its techniques date back to 2,000 years ago.

However, in the modern age, its advanced competitive style was adopted in the 1970s, so that people can participate on international levels and earn awards. If you are thinking, how exactly it is different than karate or mixed martial arts, it is because punches and kicks which have been banned in karate are allowed in aeroboxing. The aim was to adopt the street fighting style where everything can happen. For that reason, it is more aggressive!

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