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Mixed Martial Arts Gyms: The Best MMA Schools of 2017

If you’re reading this article about Mixed Martial Arts gyms, congratulation! You’re going to change your life forever. It is a first step towards new ‘You’. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport. It has a cross-functional intense training that builds extraordinary strength, stamina, and discipline. In case you’re concerned about your age, don’t worry. MMA Gyms/Schools are for everyone; regardless of age, fitness-level, and occupation. Their programs tap into your inner passionate fighter. The ultimate goal is to develop you into something that you can be. In a way, you unleash your true potential as a human being.

MMA is actually a combination of many popular and effective forms of martial arts. It is the single most effective system of combat in the world. It includes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, and various forms of Karate. If I say, it is like all-in-one package, it would be utterly right. Professional trainers help you to develop perfect techniques in each of these disciplines through several training programs.

Over the past decade, Mixed Martial Arts has undoubtedly become one of the most favorite sports. It is indeed one of the world’s fastest growing sports. And, statistics show that the increase in its popularity isn’t going to slow down either. There are thousands of Mixed Martial Arts gyms all around the world where world class athletes take part in fighting and learn from the masters. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to lose weight or learn how to become street-safe, they teach everything. MMA gyms/schools have different elite training programs available to member of all ages and abilities. All programs are designed to fit your specific needs. They bring the sport to a whole new level. Fitness, Self-Defense, or Competitions – they’ve got you covered. You push yourself & find the fighter inside you.

But, Mixed Martial Arts schools are more than the different styles and combinations of training. There are a million more additional benefits of joining these schools, such as:

  • You feel immense confidence when you know you can deal with physical confrontation
  • Unlike other types of exercise, MMA training compels you to work on your total body.
  • The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) teaches discipline and trains you how to achieve goals.
  • It introduces a winning drive and spirit in children, adults, and families.
  • Training in MMA schools is a stress-reliever; you feel free from all the mental stress.

So, are you ready to turn into a quick and powerful fighting machine? Here are the best MMA Schools of 2017. These schools stand behind their reputation as the best MMA schools in USA. They teach you the most valuable and powerful fighting techniques with the highest levels of instructions. Their experts have trained ordinary people like you and me and turned them into world champions and legends within a few months. Let’s take a look.

American Top Team

American Top Team is one of the best MMA schools in Florida. Their programs are innovative and specifically designed to grow the innate skills of children and adults. The programs include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Training, Submission Grappling, Kickboxing (Muay Thai), Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and Fitness Training. In this school, there is no such thing as half-hearted effort. Once you’re in them, you’ve give 110% in everything. It doesn’t matter whether you’re inside or outside the gym. The special programs for kids and teenagers are actually the real attention-getter. They target those characteristics of your children that boost their confidence. You see your kid grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. They feel positive in all situations and excel socially and scholastically.

The Arena MMA

This school’s main focus is teaching in-the-ring fighting skills. If you are a person who wants to be pushed physically and mentally, The Arena MMA is for you. Their classes are taught by American Top Team instructors. In a way, in The Arena MMA, there is everything you need to succeed. The effective striking and grappling techniques from the masters transform you completely, within a few days. You don’t just start competing in the ring, but also build a strong bong with professional fighters who participate in the top fighting camps of the USA. These schools also offer Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, MMA, and Muay Thai training. Plus, the strength and conditioning of the programs put you on a path to a better, stronger, and fitter you. If you are in San Diego, the Arena MMA is the best choice you have… We guarantee!

USA MMA Academy

There are several Mixed Martial Arts schools in the USA where the instructors aren’t as experts as they should be. They indeed have never fought in any MMA event trained a MMA fighter at a higher level. But, the USA Mixed Martial Arts Academy is different. It is much more than teaching effective, practical self defense and Mixed Martial Arts training. It was actually developed for the US Army Rangers.

Therefore, you can expect the level of discipline, dedication, and skills. There are programs for both children and adults as well. Especially in children programs, they teach how to stand up to a bully for personal safety. The psychological and physical trainings banish the low self-esteem and fear. Your kid comprehends how to feel immensely confident in the face of danger. I personally love the children program for one more reason. Unlike other schools, the experts of USA Mixed Martial Arts Academy also teach kids how to defuse the confrontation first with words.

Roufusport MMA Academy

If you want to learn how to dominate the battles of super fights, sign up for this MMA School. It is a known MMA schools for its successful trainer in MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Besides, it is run by professional partners – Duke Roufus, Scott Joffe and Anthony ‘Showtime’ Pettis. Whether you want to compete in cage, or face real-life confrontation, the classes are perfect. There is a healthy and safe environment, for kids, adults, and even families. The experts are your friend in need. They take personal responsibility. You find their support in all aspects of training. In each session, Roufusport trainers push you to your limits. They even spend extra time to show you a technique you are struggling with. For that reason, it is one of the most favorite MMA schools in the USA.

Concluding Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for? If you want very best instructions that focus on fitness and realistic self-defense, opt for one of these Mixed Martial Arts gyms. You’ll gain unshakable confidence, kill stress, learn excellent leadership skills, increase strength and fitness, and perceive how to tackle threat like a pro. The best thing is these schools help you in other sports/activities as well. If you are in a sport or job where endurance, strength, power, balance, and coordination are needed, MMA training in these Mixed Martial Arts schools will enhance your performance. You will become more confident and more centered in your life.

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